Caution with Java Autoboxing

Caution with Java Autoboxing

In Java Boxing means when you convert a primitive type to a reference type. So when you have some thing like

boolean myBool = new Boolean("true");

Boolean object is converted to primitive type boolean. So how this happens under the hood? Java compiler uses the method booleanValue() in Boolean class to get the primitive value. This is where you have to be careful; there is a possibility of NPE when the Boolean object is null.

Recently I had a NPE due to this. I was creating a POJO from mongo DBObject. POJO had a boolean value and I was setting its value using a setter.

public void setExpirableApp(boolean expirableApp) {
        this.expirableApp = expirableApp;

I was calling the setter as follows.

app.setExpirableApp((Boolean) dbObject.get("expirable-app"))

This is where I encounter NPE. At first glance everything looked fine. Problem happened when there is no field for "expirable-app" in the DB. In that case (Boolean) dbObject.get("expirable-app") would return null. In the setter this is tried to convert to boolean which throws NPE due to above explained auto-boxing. So need to be careful when handling scenarios like this.

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